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R2F Weight Lifting Neck Harness with Long Steel Chain, Neoprene Head Cap

R2F Weight Lifting Neck Harness with Long Steel Chain, Neoprene Head Cap

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R2F Neck Harness Weight Lifting Training, Head Harness for Injury Recovery with Long Steel Chain and Neoprene Head Cap, Neck Trainer to Improve Muscle Strength

Enhance Neck Strength: A weight-lifting head harness is an important workout tool for MMA fighters, water polo and football players, boxers, kickboxers, and anyone looking to strengthen their neck muscles and overall stability.

Balance, Fit & Comfortable: The 4mm thick premium neoprene cushioning provides 4-way coverage and allows the users to train in comfort with the neck trainer. The 360-degree padding inside along with the military-grade fabric covering of the boxing harness minimizes the user’s contact with the D-rings during workouts.

Support & Injury Recovery: This R2F multipurpose neck training harness gym equipment can also help increase neck strength and stability after suffering from a concussion, car accident, or other injury where safer, progressive muscle building is important.

35-INCH Long 7-Gauge Steel Chain: With a sturdy 7-gauge steel chain, that is longer than any others, attached to the neck strengthener, R2F prides itself on providing an enhanced workout regime. The additional length of the chain allows the users to add more plates and build neck strength.

GENUINE LIFETIME SATISFACTION: Here at R2F we believe in creating durable, long lasting fitness products that support every rep, workout, and goal, which is why every product is backed by a full refund or replacement.